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DRiving to the wedding

Young driver Molly Turner with pony Billy recently put to and took Molly's singing teacher to her wedding - April 2023

Molly taking her singing teacher to her wedding

It’s been a busy couple of months for us all and I have really enjoyed riding and driving my ponies and I have been trail hunting on my cob and competed in dressage and ridden training with lovely Lenny – and we are all feeling better for it! We are on a fitness campaign now as we want to do some pony driving trials and some BDS outings. I like a mixture in my pony world.

Last week we received a phone call asking if I could help Georgie Green film intros and outros for the Carriage Driving Awards. It was a great opportunity to try something new. We filmed around the yard and the ponies behaved very well – both in hand and in the carriage. We even managed to get a couple of the ponies to do little tricks for the cameras. Then Lenny had his moment in the spotlight as we drove around the yard and he was very well mannered – he can be a little keen to get going at times – it was as if he knew he had to be on his best behaviour.

Recently my singing teacher got married in our local town. I offered to drive her the short trip from the church to her reception on the ever sensible Billy (his show name is Maverick yet he is not maverick at all!) We spent the morning polishing the harness, carriage, pony and me. I even wore my BDS Carnation, and my groom did too. Billy had to wait patiently at the church and then carry his precious cargo through the town to the village hall – he was perfect and I was very proud.

Over the holidays I enjoyed lessons with my favourite coach Anna Grayston. We try to meet up when possible but when it’s not, we are training via Microsoft Teams, which takes some getting used to but it’s a great way to keep up our learning. Having got so smart again this week for the wedding driver, it’s reminded me how much I’ve missed my competition time, so roll Windsor Park Equestrian Club Competitions … and my birthday!